Hello and welcome to ethereal! This site is owned by me, Elvina. I've been planning to have a site for quite a while and finally, here it is! I hope you all enjoy ♥



By: Elvina ♥ Date & Time: September 01, 2018 17:54 ♥ Currently Listening To: Perfect Love by LOOΠΔ

Hello and welcome to ethereal! I've been wanting and planning on owning a site again for actually quite some time. All my previous sites had barely any content up because I was busy with school work and I was also pretty lazy to make content so they ended up poofing. This time I tried to make as much content as I can, but, again, because of school, I barely have time to make much content. I was planning to open sooner but it kept getting delayed because I was busy. I've had this subbie for already one month so I decided to open it already despite having barely any content up. I do promise to have small updates as much as possible so this site won't be dead haha For now, please enjoy the contents I have up for now and also this gif of Hyunjin